13 February 2009

7 years

my mom's wedding rings and perfume. 

valentine's day is always a little bittersweet for me. my mother died 7 years ago today and i still miss her everyday. my mom had been sick for all of my life -- and then some -- but it never really mattered to me. i was thinking of this earlier this week when it had been a rough day around here. i was impatient with my kids and my house was a mess. i was feeling so discouraged and thinking that my poor kids probably wished that they had a more patient mom -- someone more fun, more organized, less likely to yell and more likely to run around and play. then i remembered being 8 years old and making a brownie mix with my mom. she was laying on the couch, covered in blankets and directing me as i stood on a chair in the kitchen. i felt so important. just as i love my mom with all of her frailties, so do my kids love me with mine. and because of that, it makes me want to work to turn those weaknesses into strengths. because that kind of love is worth it. 

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My Life I tell ya said...

Missy loved this post. Still have tears in my eyes. You are a great mom!!!