17 April 2009

beaba babycook

i love my beaba babycook! its a french baby food maker (oo-la-la). i received this as a gift from my spectacular work friends when my baby was born and i have been dying to put it to use. i tried it last week now that the baby is ready for solids. so fast, so easy, so convenient. i did a batch of sweet potatoes in 15 minutes, i'm not exaggerating. you just chop up the fruit or veggies, add water to the steamer compartment, put the veggies in the steamer basket and turn it on. it will shut off when the water is gone. then you pour off the water and puree the steamed food in that same container. then i put the food in the freezer in an ice cube tray -- the baby eats about two cubes at a time, so i can just pull out what i need. i love that i can make all of his food, i know exactly what's going into it and it literally costs pennies to make a batch. yes, i could do all of this on the stove top and use a blender or food processor, but this is so easy and convenient to have it all in one.  to watch a video of how it works, click here. so if any local friends want to get together to make baby food, let me know. i'm out of control with this thing.

check out more beaba products here. lots of cool european baby goods, including the coolest high chair i've ever seen. that deserves another oo-la-la. 

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