23 March 2009

do you yudu?


have you heard of the yudu? it's the coolest toy ever -- a personal screen printer. apparently you can silk screen (or something like it) onto t-shirts, pillow covers, paper, etc. it looks like way too much fun. i think i could be totally out of control with something like this in my possession (i'm a total freak about my name on stuff, everything i owned would say "m" or "missy" in cool fonts. i think laverne & shirley had a serious impact on my psyche). but i won't have to worry about that for a while, since it's about $300. anyways, check it out. if you're interested, michael's stores across the country are having yudu demonstrations this saturday, march 28, from 1 -3. 

speaking of michael's, if you're not getting the coupons in the mail anymore, you can sign up for email updates here and your 40% coupons will get emailed to you. kinda nice. 

images via www.whatdoyudu.com

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