06 March 2009

$$$$$ -- or lack thereof

i am on fire about this book!! i read dave ramsey's total money makeover this week, and i can't stop thinking about it. his philosophy is all about attacking all debt (including auto and house!) so that you can be financially secure and start building wealth through saving and investing. seriously, imagine a life with no payments --  yeah, i'm having a hard time imagining that too. it's all about sacrifice and hard work and everything is laid out for you in his plan. my husband and i are reading it together (ok, he bought it, i stole it, and now i'm telling him to hurry up so we can get started). the families that he highlights in the book went from total financial crisis to mortgage-free living in a few years time. sorry i'm sounding like a commercial, but i was really excited about this and had to share. 

if you want to listen to his radio show, click here


Jen Barnes said...

Missy, I just read this last week too! Brody was like you - he read it and was begging me to get it done. Loved it! Everyone should read it. Our new president should read this book :)

lori said...

All I can say is, i have always wanted to read this book. AND, I love slow cooker recipes, sugar cookies, the story about your mom(tear-jerker), anyone else who is obsessed with lipstick, and Nie. You GO girl! But I am not interested in the stroller. Sorry. XOXO