04 March 2009

family history, i am doing it

when i was in dallas, i scavenged through my mom's old sewing stuff and found some gems. funky old buttons, ric rac from the 70's, and thread on wooden spools. i can't wait to start crafting with some of these -- what do you think of throw pillows covered entirely with mismatched vintage buttons? yeah, me too! my girl has really been having all the fun, though. she loves those wooden spools -- lines them up and plays with them like people. she sifts through the buttons to find treasures. just like i used to with the very same thread and buttons. i loved being sprawled out on the floor in the sewing room while my mom worked -- as i got older, she would let me cut out the patterns and pin it to the fabric. (when i learned not to cut off the little tabs, i was allowed to cut the fabric, too). watching her play, i realize hannah montana isn't really a necessary experience to be a happy little girl. so now that i have my helper, i can't wait to get started.


Got Bombshell? said...

LOVE the pillow idea! Totally stealing that! ;)

The Hyde Family said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you started your own blog...I already love checking it to see what's next. You are so creative and fun! Maybe it will help me get excited about mine again. I'm in a bit of a rut.