05 March 2009

kohl's coupon

i have a hard time finding church clothes for my son -- you know, khakis without 45 pockets on them, white shirts, ties (near impossible). gap kids has nice stuff, but sales are hit-and-miss and it's clear across town. i always end up at kohl's buying their chaps brand. the oxford shirts are nice and thick and they actually carry a decent selection of ties (by the belts). when i was checking online the other day to see if boys dress clothes were on sale (they usually are, but i wait for the 40% sale), i noticed that you can get a $5 coupon if you sign up for emails. sign up here if you're interested. it takes a couple days for them to email the coupon, so do it ahead of time. now my son won't be flashing his ankles on sunday (i swear i just bought those pants!)

1 comment:

jjjensenfamily said...

I already love your blog. Very clever and enjoyable. I was sorting through the clothes I would need to buy Sam for the summer and next year. Church pants was on my list, when all of the sudden a package of hand-me-downs arrived from Colorado. Yeah--church pants for Sam.