20 March 2009

mmm... cake.

i'm baking up a chocolate cake for my friend's birthday. i always love an excuse to bake a cake. i just love the whole process. the preparation, the measuring, the way my house smells, and of course the satisfaction of the finished product. there's nothing like the feeling of looking at a beautiful, frosted, from-scratch cake just waiting to be enjoyed by those you love. i tweaked my favorite recipe a bit -- if it turns out, i'll share my secrets. if not, i'll hang my head in shame... either way, the original recipe is the best chocolate cake i've ever tried. it's moist and rich, just perfect. and it really doesn't need frosting, just a dollop of whipped cream is enough. but you better believe i'm gonna be frosting it today... 'cause birthdays are like that. 

i'll have a cake update on the next post. 

p.s. i have this cake pan, and i seriously get giddy when it releases perfectly. i almost don't want to cut into it. almost. 

picture via williams-sonoma

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Daron and Jamee said...

You say it perfectly.
Baking. I love the way it makes our home and family feel. I crave baking, like the actual verb of it all.

It gets me into trouble though, because what do you do with all the baked stuff?